How we provide top level service on the back end, not just the promise of results:

Part of the team resides in Monaco (Monte Carlo) with other team members living in other parts of Europe. We provide SEO services to the Local market (around 20% of clients) as well as the International market (80% of clients) from the USA, UK and Australia.

The Monaco SEO team has a strong focus on teamwork and a health team environment that allows us to efficiently handle clients search engine and social media marketing, no matter where in the world your business is located!

Other than our 9 years experience in the field, a huge competitive advantage we have over other marketing agencies is our custom suite of tools that we built from the ground up to handle client campaigns. Over 2 years and $250,000 in development, we have the most powerful client management resources available. This one aspect alone gives us an unfair advantage over almost all other SEO and marketing agencies that use out of the box, cookie cutter software and reporting services.


Find out how we can help your business (no matter where you are located):

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