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A Little bit about our killer marketing agency:

Hey my name is Colin and I, together with my small team of highly skilled web marketing experts, run an SEO, Internet Marketing & Advertising Agency called: CKdotCom.com

Under that brand we operate MonacoSEO.com as well as other subsidiaries that provide SEO services not only to local businesses on the French Riviera (where some of our team are based) but worldwide!

This means that it does not matter where your business is based, we are a small, fast moving and nimble team that can empower you to dominate your competition and receive and influx of new customers on AutoPilot!

What makes us different? We have the balance just right! We are a small, hand picked team so you know that you and your success is vital to us and you will not just be some client with no personalization like you get with a large firm.

We are big enough though to have our team in house, which means we personally do the work ourselves and do not outsource anything to 3rd parties ensuring you only get premium quality, long lasting results!

Our other HUGE advantage is we have a team of in house programmers that work every day building our suite of tools to ensure your results and reporting from us are unmatched by any other service online. Our clients enjoy quality reports as often as they like to see in depth the progress being made.

Industry Leading Experts

Hand Picked Experts, All In House, no risky outsourcing like other firms. Because we are lean, we also can keep out costs down, meaning we can offer more competitive rates than our competitors

Unique Suite of SEO Tools

Our team have built all of our own tools, which gives us a HUGE advantage over our competition. We never need to use 3rd party products to manage your sites. Make our advantage, YOUR advantage starting today...

Get More Business!

We are able to achieve amazing results, fast no matter where you are located! In fact, we have helped clients in 5 continents... We are a global agency and can help your business for any country you require...

Our Team

Meet Out Brilliant Staff

Colin KCEO

Does SEO for his own sites too, will be the person you chat with when joining MonacoSEO agency as a client

Julien DOutreach Expert

Powerful outreach and link management skills. Julien manages your campaigns with our data team

Alek GHead Programmer

There to ensure the on site SEO is perfect. Head of our coding team, and strong suit is attention to detail

Jordan ALead Designer

Ensuring quality, unique designs with the properties we build for you including satellite sites

SEO Rankings

#1 Rankings for your business


Unique SEO Optimized Designs


We dont make good joe, though


Our Stories and More Information:

Our SEO Advantage

Monaco SEO Posted In SEO News

How we provide top level service on the back end, not just the promise of results: Part of the team resides in Monaco (Monte Carlo) with other team members living in other parts of Europe. We provide SEO services to the Local market (around 20% of clients) as well as the International market (80% of […]

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Reach out to our friendly team and you will get a reply from either Colin or Julien within 24 business hours.

In the description, please let us know what services you need provided, or what you are looking to achieve so we can give you a personalized and detailed response on how we can help your business grow.

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